This area of the site is devoted to the crew members and people who corresponded throughout the cruise.  Nothing makes a sailor happier than a letter from a friend or loved one.  The information they shared expressed what they were experiencing and seeing, making this some of the most historic records of the cruise.  In many ways they tell the "true" story of 16 battleships going around the world.  I think I spend more time in these cards trying to read what's on the back than in any other area of my collection.


Each collection is unique from the perspective of who was sending and who was receiving the cards.  Most of the collections are from a sailor sending cards, but some are collections of those who received cards, including Miss May Phelps who was the daughter of an instructor at the Naval Academy and had several members on the cruise writer her!

As I put together the pages for these collections I have put them in the order of the cruise and tried to call attention in the text to more interesting items.  However, in each collection there are hidden gems that I do not discuss and let you have some discovery in these collections.  For me the fun is in reading the cards and letters.  There is a lot of "sailor prospective" in what is said in this correspondence.

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