The Cards Mailed by Corporal Hawkins, USS Ohio

This is a collection of cards from a Corporal J. H. Hawkins on the USS Ohio to Miss Annie Cline of Wardensville, West Virginia.  Many of the cards are not postmarked and were possibly sent to here with letters and then stored in her scrap book.  In total the collection only has five cards postmarked, but they are nice 🙂  The card below is from the Bremerton Naval Shipyard in Washington and was postmaked in San Francisco just before the fleet's departure.


The Jardim Botanico, rio de janeiro

This botanical garden was a popular site to visit for sailors and marines of the fleet.  The garden was started by King John VI of Portugal in 1808 on 350 acres of land and contains over 6,500 species of Brazilian and foreign flora.  The palm tree avenue is one of the most popular postcard views of the garden.

Corporal Hawkins sent this card on January 17, 1908 using local postage, and it was received 22 days later in West Virginiia.

award for the best handwriting

Corporal Hawkins must have spent a great deal of time learning to write.  His handwriting is "typeset" perfect.  These are two nice cards, the first from Punta Arenas showing the city center, "USS Ohio, Punta Arenas, Chile, Feby. 4, 08.  Well Annie, This trip is simply great.   We leave, Friday for Callao, Peru,  Yours as always, Hawkins"   The second card from Hawaii depicts the Tomb of Father Damien.  A Roman Catholic priest from Belgium who lived in the government-mandated medical quarantine on Molokai where leprosy patients were kept.  He died in 1889 from leprosy and is know as the "the Apostle of the Lepers."  At the time of this postcard he was in a grave at the church on Molokai, but in 1936, at the request of the Belgian government, his body was returned to Belgium.

auckland, sydney, and melbourne

japan and china

ft santiago gate and the pasig river, manila, PI

saving the best for last, ponte de carravanes - smyrne, turkey

This was probably the nicest find in the collection, a card posted in Smyrne during the USS Ohio's visit.  Corporal Hawkins writes, " January 24, 09, Dear Friend, Have had a very interesting time here.   Wish you could visit this city.  We leave tomorrow for Gibralter.  As ever, J. H. Hawkins"


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