Aluminum Battleship Souvenirs

These were unique little souvenirs.  Made out of a light gauge aluminum, they had painted images of battleships on one side and a greeting or information on the other side.  Most of the items had etched borders or decoration which seemed to be a common craft of the time.  The origin of these items was American, but other than that, I have no information on what company made them.  They are unique!

At left is a small notebook, approximately 2" x 4" that still has a small pad of paper inside.  On one side is an etching of an eagle with shield and "USS Ohio" with floral decoration.  On the other side is a painted image of the USS Ohio.  In small print, "copyright 1904 George P. Pitmin"




The design of the notebook is quite crude and it is quite clear it was never intended to be used but given as a souvenir or gift for a child to write and draw.


greetings from trinidad

These little plaques where designed for the Atlantic Fleet with the one on the right for the cruise to the west coast.  There was probably one enterprising sailor who had these made before departing Hampton Roads in anticipation of selling a unique card for shipmates to send home during the holidays.



This plaque is larger than the others, approximately 4" x 6" and has the USS Ohio on one side and the dates from the trip around the horn on the other side.  This must have been available in San Francisco.


easter greetings from the uss kansas

This is the only card that I have found with an "Easter Greeting."  This card would have been available in San Francisco and available for sailors to mail home to their family as a souvenir of their trip.


Connecticut itinerary

This is a larger plaque that was made with the itinerary of the USS Connecticut, similar to the USS Ohio shown above.



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