An Honorable Discharge

The papers below are the naval record of Coppersmith Harris Dreebin who enlisted in the Navy January 18, 1906 at Washington D.C. for four years, having previously served 4 - 11/12 years.  He was discharged October 8, 1908 in Washington D.C.  These two document, front and back, folded three ways, was his entire naval record upon discharge.  The document below is his Honorable Discharge, at time attached to the Seamen's Quarters in Washington D.C. having been screened for discharge due to recommendations by a medical survey and the bureau of Navigation order.  This is hand-written in red perpendicular to the certificate on the left side of the discharge.

On the backside of the discharge was his entire enlistment record, all of his qualifications and ratings, performance, his birth in Germany, May 25th, 1866, age, height, eyes, hair, and time sick during enlistment - 40%.  At the time of his discharge he was paid $869.04.  The second document is from the Bureau of Pensions certifying the Harris Dreebin was entitled to a pension of $16.00 per month, dated February 16, 1911.






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