Booklets, Magazines, and Newspapers

At every stop of the Fleet there were booklets published, magazine articles completed, and newspaper articles printed.  As a collector of the GWF I have tried to collect and preserve these items the same as any postcard or photograph.  Many times these sources provided another prospective of the community the Fleet was visiting and detailed information regarding the events and schedule not available through other sources.

the yokohama boyeki shimpo

At left is a insert to the local Yokohama newspaper, the Yokohama Boyeki Shimpo from October 17, 1908 which summarizes a list of comments make by various prefectures regarding the visit of the American Fleet.  The appear to be quotes from other papers from around the country, "TOKYO, Welcome, right welcome the American Battleship Fleet!  The Yomiuri greets you with the highest enthusiasm and most cordial appreciation of your visit."   To see the entire front page click on the image at left.








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