E. L. DeMoss, Electrician, USS Kansas – Crew Photos

Petty Officer DeMoss collected photo postcards for ports throughout the cruise from one of the crew photographers, possibly stationed on the USS Kansas.  Where a normal picture postcard cost a penny, these could cost 2-cents each and were available for sailor to select and have printed so he could mail home or save in his personal collection.  Petty Officer DeMoss saved his in a photo album and wrote notes on the back to remember the events of the front.

the lady of the minstrel show

Shipboard life can be long days of hard work, followed by watch standing, and maybe a couple hours to enjoy with your shipmates.  Without the aid of modern electronic sailor of the fleet entertained themselves with board games, cards, crafts, sports, and shows they would put on for the crew and for other ships.

At left is J. Walton who was an Ordinary Seaman by day and at night, The "Lady of the Minstrel Show," a stage performer.  Shipmates share everything and after just a few months are friends for life.




These photographs are from the photographs the Electrician's Mate DeMoss saved long after the cruise.  Young men who had come from all over the country, city or country, found a new bond in friendship called a "shipmate."  Someone you can talk to for hours at a time about the letter you received, drinking buddies, someone who will take your duty to give you a night out, someone you work side-by-side with thought some of the toughest days of your life.


mascots of the uss kansas

Spitz, Jack & Rabbit Tom.  There were many pets aboard the ship.  They were part of the crew in charge of moral.  Spitz looks like he got his fair of attention, as do the others.  It is clear from the photographs the pets on the ship gave sailors something to show affection  and share closeness.  I think it is too bad that this tradition was lost over the years, it seems like a great idea.



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