E. L. DeMoss, Third Class Electrician, USS Kansas – Ports in the Pacific

I am sure there were many more cards that were created by this photographer that were focused on the popular events of the cruise.  Possibly it was just Petty Officer DeMoss's selections, or maybe the photographer's, but the collection does not include the main stream images of the port visits.  In some ways, this is quite nice as with the image below, "Liberty parties at Honolulu, H.I.  USS Wisconsin to the let USS Nebraska in the background.


photographs from australia

photographs from the philippines

heavy seas

The fleet ran into heavy seas on the way to New Zealand and again on their way north to Japan.  The storms caused damage to the ships and the lost of some of the boats from davits.  Many of the ships had to steer their own course and did not regain the formation for days.  For the sailors onboard the ships it was a trial, many were sick, some lost overboard.  In the end they recovered and proceeded to Yokohama with a day's delay.


photographs from japan

target practice in the phillipines


photos of life on a battleship




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