E. L. DeMoss, Third Class Electrician, USS Kansas – Ceylon and into the Mediterranean

This group of cards again  shows a photographer who took photographs of groups and events without asking for order or things to be changed.  Sometimes without telling the people that were in the photograph that he was taking a picture.  For this reason it does provide a unique view of events.

The card at left shows "USS Kansas at mooring inside the break waters at Colombo, Ceylon.  The ship forward of the Kansas is the Connecticut.   

cairo, egypt

In both Ceylon and Egypt this photographer came through with some really fine shots of event and people.  The photographs say very little at times, but the images speak for themselves.  Below:  "Grave yard at Cairo, Egypt."


villefranche, france

The collection of cards is one of the highlights of this collection.  There are few photographs that I have found showing the harbor and the ships during this visit.

gibraltar and home

photographs from the cruise


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