The Photo Album of Machinist Mate Dahl

This is the photo album of Edwin M. Dahl, Machinist Mate Second Class who was onboard the USS Kearsarge.  The collection of photos appear to be all original and taken during the cruise at the ports he had film and was able to go ashore.  Petty Officer Dahl was not a professional photographer, but did manage to take many fine photos of his experiences of travel and culture.   The album arrive to me is very rough shape, many of the pages brittle and torn, some detached from the binding.  Posting this album, without damaging it became a challenge.  I decided to digitally photograph each page and then use Photoshop to cut-and-paste each photo onto a standard "right" and "left" page that I created from the album.  This allowed me to avoid flexing the binding on the album by trying to scan them on a flat-bed scanner.

When I acquired the album the owner said he was unsure of the origin, however, when I received it and got to the last page I found this nice little "crossing-the-line" booklet belonging to Edwin 🙂


a sailor and his adventures

As I looked through the album I tried to find one photo that might be Edwin.  The photo a left shows a sailor in the foreground with a cart operator and two sailors in the background on the cart.  The sailor in the foreground is a First Class Petty Officer, but by that time in the cruise, Edwin might had been promoted.

Edwin was on the Kearsarge, one of my favorite ships of the cruise, because it visited China, Malta, and Algeria which are all difficult ports to find items for my collection.  Edwin also took photos in the other ports and Washington State, Australia, Ceylon, and Egypt all have nice photos in the collection.

I am using a "page turn" app that can be a little fussy, but it does allow the viewer to zoom in-and-out on pages.  When using the page turn it may seem blurry, but if you use the "zoom" function it gets clearer.  Not sure why this is.  If you are interested in greater detail of a jpg of the images, please contact me.

the photo album of machinist mate dahl



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