Emanuel Lofquist, Midshipman, USS Connecticut

Midshipman Lofquist, USS Connecticut was a "saver of gum wrappers" in his cruise around the world.  He saved every card, invitation, ticket, or pass.  His items are the work of someone who knows that his experiences are worth saving for the future to share.  And so, he saved everything.  I am sure there is a fine collection out there of his photographs of the cruise, and his postcards of the cruise, and all of the little souvenirs that he picked up on the cruise.  I don't have it.  What I got was portions of his scrap book that was parceled on on Ebay one at a time 🙁    The items shown below are on the pages for the port visit in some cases.  If it is a booklet, the entire booklet is available for viewing at this location.

Lucky bag 1907

From the Luck Bag of 1907, the Naval Academy yearbook, Emanuel August Lofquist, Burlington, Iowa, Oley, Toft, Swede, First Class Buzzard.  A meek little man from the Hawkeye State.  Can argue when an old ladies' sewing circle is out of wind.



On Tuesday evening at 9:15 a ball was given by their Excellencies the Governor and Lady Plunket to Rear-Admiral Sperry and Officers of the Fleet.

This program dance card was in the possession of one of the ladies at the event and Midshipman Lofquist retained to his collection.





















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