Yeoman Foutch, USS Ohio, Ports in the South Pacific

the fleet's visit to  hawaii

In this grouping of cards from Hawaii, the photographs all appear to be originals from the photographer's.  Above is a rare photograph of downtown Honolulu, possibly the intersection of Bishop and King Street looking northward towards the Pali (mountains in the background), showing the decorations for the fleet's visit, sailors and marines standing on the corner, and electrical street lighting suspended low down the center of  the street.


The first card is a photograph taken from the pier in Honolulu looking back at Diamond Head.  The second card shows a local steamer going ashore through the channel at Honolulu with sailors.  This third card is rare and shows the welcome to the fleet as it passed into the Honolulu harbor.  The string of flags being flown are the American and Japanese flags indicating this might have been a coordinated effort by the Japanese community to come out and welcome the fleet.  The last card is a group of sailors visiting a Hawaiian residence.  This style of living must have been quite interesting to a young sailor on his first trip outside the United States.

cards from orvil's visit to new zealand

Orvil managed to take some fine photographs of his experiences in Auckland.  Two are from postcards, but the others are of activities during the fleet's visit.  Below  are two scenes from Albert Park located in downtown Auckland.  During the fleet's visit a ceremony was held here planting sixteen oak trees with the names of the American battleships.  The two cannons shown in the second photo were brought to New Zealand in 1879 and mounted at the Harbor entrance to defend against the Russians.  In 1905 they were moved to Albert Park along with other artillery pieces.  During WWII they were buried to prevent being bombed and in 1977 they were dug up and restored, placed back in the park.

Below are a couple more fine shots of the vents.  The photograph at left is Queen street decorated for fleet's visit.  At right can be seen a group of Blue Jackets conversing with three sailor on duty as Shore Patrol.  The sailor's on duty are wearing leggings.  Coming across the street are two gentlemen observing the group.  One, a veteran wearing his uniform and beard.  The card to the right is of the "Welcome" arch with trams passing through as people fill the streets.  This is most likely the day of the parade.

The card at right is a photograph of a postcard.  It shows a view of the Auckland waterfront with commercial shipping tied up at the wharfs along the waterfront.  Orvil might have wanted to get a photograph but did not access to this vantage point and chose to make a copy of the card.

visiting sydney, australia

The above three cards show activity in Sydney Harbor.  In the first card can be seen one of the battleship steamers in the foreground, two pleasure boats decorated for the fleet's visit, and posssibly the HMS Powerful in the background.  The card in the center "Visitors Day" is a great card showing the throngs of visitors on ferry boats coming to visit the ships.  This photograph taken of the stern of the USS Ohio.  The third card appears to be of Hornby Lighthouse with crowds gathered for the fleet's arrival.  Hornby lighthouse sits at the entrance of Jackson Bay where a lighthouse has been operating since 1858.

These four cards are examples where the photographer took the liberty of copying postcards that were available at the time.  It is not clear to me why he would do this as the cards copied were not unique or special and widely available for probably 1 or 2 cents each.  Certainly the work to photograph and print these cards was not a money-making opportunity.

On the other hand, these two cards appear to be actual photographs.  The card at left shows fleet sailors visiting Blackheath in the Blue Mountains on August 22, 1908.  It would have been hard to acquire another photo postcard and reproduce it during the port visit.  Most of the cards in this collection that do not have a border or have a thin border, seem to be the photographer's work.  If so this view looking down on George Street on August 21st is quite a nice photograph!

At right the parade passes Sydney Town Hall on George Street marching in their dress blue uniforms.

melbourne, australia

From the entire grouping of cards from Melbourne, there appears to be only a single card that is an original photograph, this card of a decorated Collins Street dated August 30th.

albany, australia

By the time the fleet arrived in Albany, there were a few new pets onboard.  This sailor above making friends with is new shipmate on the fantail of the ship.  At left a photograph of the Albany Town Hall.  Apparently, there were few postcards available  to photograph and the choice was made to go out  and take the pictures that were available.

"GREETINGS to our KINSMEN"  - At left is the best photograph that I have found of the welcome arch constructed for the fleet's visit.  On the right side three sailors can be seen posing for the shot.  The center, Dog Rock, certainly was a must see while visiting Albany.  The card on the right is a nice view looking down on the City.  The Town Hall can be seen in the center of the photograph.



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