Yeoman Foutch, USS Ohio, South America

one of neptune's barbers

"...a tremendous wooden razor and a white-washer's brush, the Court's Chief Clerk carrying a book of imposing dimensions supposed to be full of the dark records of the deep and a pencil as large as himself, he and the Judge are dressed to appropriately befit their dignified positions, the equatorial frolic force and the brawny braves and bears and a few more clownish important personalities.  King Neptune and Queen Amphitrite are seated upon a throne .....

This is card #7 in a series.  Unfortunately, by the time this collection has passed 100 years, only the one card remains from the group.  This is the only card in the collection from the crossing-the-line ceremony.


port of spain, trinidad

Located just north of the Royal Botanical Gardens is the Presidential House.  This photograph of the house is labeled in the grass and was probably one of the sites that sailors where given on a walking map of the city.  The house was built between 1873 and 1876 in a Victorian style constructed primarily of iron and steel and clad in blue limestone mined locally from Piccadilly and Laventille Quarries.

target practice at MAGDALENA bay

A photograph of the ship's gunners with a target used in gunnery practice at Magdalena Bay.  These target where attached to A-framed wooden structures that were mounted on small barges and set in the bay for ships to fire at for practice.  The frame was covered with a large canvas with a center square that was the target.  Small boats were used to recover the targets and gun crews that scored well would be able to pose with the target as a record of their success.

As a ship's yeoman, Orvil was probably the ideal person to be out on deck to take photographs since he was not part of the gun crews.


events of san francisco, may 1908

These cards, from the celebration in San Francisco, are good examples from this collection.  The card of the "U.S. Atlantic Fleet Entering Golden Gate and dated is possibly an original from the photographer.  The three cards below probably images that were copied in the darkroom from other photographs.  The card in the center, from the barbecue in Oakland shows clear signs of being reproduced from a photo image by the hard contrast and the handwriting that is completely different from the card labeled above.

These two cards above appear to be original photographs of the "illuminations" of the ship and of a liberty party going ashore during the port visit to San Francisco.

photographs from the fleet's visit to the northwest

These are the only two cards in the collection from the fleet's visit to the northwest.  At left is a view of downtown Bellingham decorated for the parade.  At right is a card that is made from a photo postcard of of O.I. Frasch, a Seattle  photographer that produced a series of cards during the fleet's visit.  This one of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton.  Shown in the dry dock appears to be the Wisconsin which joined the cruise to replace the Alabama when the fleet arrived on the West coast.


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