Yeoman Foutch, USS Ohio – Ceylon and Egypt

Within the collection are a few postcards that were mailed home to Orvil's Mother.  Many of these card had stamps that were removed, possibly by a young collector, leaving the card damaged.  Below is one such card of the No. 2 Hindoo Temple in Colombo, Ceylon.  The temple shown is from a neighborhood east of Colombo, Pettah, famous for the Pettah Market featuring an open air bazaar and market.  It is also home to many of the most beautiful Hindu temples of the region.  The one shown below seems to have vanished in time.  I can find no modern images or references of the temple on line.  The third card is a real photo of a temple in Colombo which I am yet unable to identify.

This is  a great photograph of the American Blue Jacket on liberty during the cruise around the world.  Two "mates"" posing with a local policeman in front of the police station in Colombo.  The adventures of a sailor!


The above three images were photographed in Kandy.  The first image shows a typical street in Kandy with ox drawn carts and two-story white washed business and houses.  In the middle photograph is the island in Kandy Lake.  The lake is  in the heart of the City near the Temple of the Tooth and was built in 1807.  The small island in the center was used by the king's helm for bathing and was connected to the palace by a secret tunnel.  In the right photograph a sailor is seen departing the railway station of  Kandy in a rickshaw.  All three cards rare images of the fleet's visit to Colombo.


transiting the suez canal to port said, egypt

The transit through the Canal from Suez to Port Said took 18-hours to complete.  The sixteen battleships all made the transit with only one incident.  The USS Georgia ran aground.  In some places the canal was only 120 feet wide allowing only a 20-foot clearance on either side of the ship, not much room for a heavy vessel that is slow to respond to the helm.  Ohio was in the second group of ships including the Louisiana, Virginia, and  Missouri, departing Suez on the 5th and arriving in Port Said on the 6th.

The above two cards show views of the harbor at Port Said.  At right a portion of the industrial and shipyard area of  the harbor.  At the right can be seen a line from the ship passing in front of two steamers from the battleship fleet.  In the center is a small floating dry dock with a merchant vessel in for repairs.  At right, the Suez Canal Authority Building one of the most historical buildings in Port Said.  Constructed in 1895 is was used to monitor the traffic in the Canal.  In WWI was the headquarters for the British authorities and remained in British ownership until they left Egypt in 1956.


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