William G. Burgess, Boatswain’s Mate Second Class, USS Kearsarge

This collection was found on eBay with each card listed separately over several weeks.  It is made up of postcards sent by William G. Burgess, USS Kearsarge, from Shelby, Ohio, a Boatswain's mate Second Class.  Most of the cards were sent to Howard Rhinehalt, a nephew of William who lived in Scranton, Ohio.  It did take some discovery work to determine who was mailing the cards with final clues including cards addressed to his "father" helping to close the links.  William was on the entire cruise with a group of cards sent to his nephew from many of the ports.  Some of the cards we probably sent with letters and are not posted but included in the collection show.  The collection is divided into five areas shown in the navigation bar to the left.  Below, "This is the first stop of the cruise.  W.G.B."  A card sent from Trinidad on December 28, 1907 and received in Ohio on January 7, 1908.


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