This page provides a list of references that can be useful in the study of the voyage of the Great White Fleet.  Many of these items are out of print but can be found for purchase online through bookstores.  Where electronic copies are available online, and can be accessed for free, I have included a link.

One of the best all-around references to get an understanding of the events and importance of the Great White Fleet is James Reckner's "Teddy Roosevelts Great White Fleet".  This excellent book has an extensive, useful bibliography addressing the voyage addressing the voyage of the fleet from many different perspectives and related subjects.

The American Steel Navy: A Photographic History of the U.S. Navy from the Introduction of the Steel Hull in 1883 to the Cruise of the Great White Fleet, 1907-1909 Annapolis, MD:  United States Naval Institute, 1972 (This book has some of the most amazing photographs of U.S. Navy ships from this period, a great coffee table book)

Around the World with the Fleet 1907-1909; A Pictorial Log of the Cruise.  Annapolis, MD.  Unites States Naval Institute, 1929.  (This book has a nice photographic record of port visits during the cruise)

The Great White Fleet: Its Voyage Around the World, 1907-1909.  Hart, Robert A.  Boston: Little, Brown, 1965.  (includes an extensive bibliography of published and unpublished documents from the United States and Britain)

With the Battle Fleet: Cruise of the Sixteen Battleships of the United States Atlantic Fleet from Hampton Roads to the Golden Gate, December, 1907-May, 1908.  Matthews, Franklin.  New York: B.W. Huebsch, 1909.  (Matthews was a journalist who sailed with the battleship fleet on it's trip around the world.  This is the first in a two volume set)

Back to Hampton Roads: Cruise of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet from San Francisco to Hampton Roads, July 7, 1908 - February 22, 1909. Matthews, Franklin.  New York: B.W. Huebsch, 1909.  (This volume covers the second leg of the cruise through the Pacific and Mediterranean.) 

Around the World with the Battleships. Miller, Roman.  Chicago: A.C. McClurg, 1909.

Pictorial Log of the Battle Fleet Cruise around the World.  Miller, Roman.  Chicago: A.C. McClurg, 1909.

Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet.  Reckner, James R.  Annapolis, MD, Naval Institute Press, 1988.

A Sailor's Log: Recollections of Forty Years of Naval Life.  Evans, Robley D., D. Appleton and Company 1908.  






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