Around the World With Uncle Sam’s Fleet – 100 Stereographs

This set of cards was purchased in a box of 100, probably after the cruise was over.  On the back of the cards is stamped C. A. Ferguson, Edison Records and Phonographs, So. Center Ave., Merrill, Wis.  The cards were sold or assembled by Clarence Ferguson who was employed by Thomas Edison starting in 1907 as a 15 year old boy and worked for his company until 1929.  I can find no record of the company making stereographs and I have not found any other copies of this set.  My best guess was that this was a "poor-man's stereograph collection."  The quality of the cards have a nice resolution, but most of the images are from before the cruise and do not provide many of the ships or events of the cruise.  I  would imagine there was a large market for items about the cruise and this was put together to capitalize on the market. 

Out of the 100 cards I have selected 33 of the fleet and places cards to display on this page.  Most of the other cards are from unrelated cities of the world.  


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