USS Virginia Class Battleships

The Virginia Class battleships consisted of the Virginia, Nebraska, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.  The five ships were constructed at four different shipyards between 1901 and 1907, Virginia, New Jersey, and Rhode Island the first to be commissioned in in early 1906.  They were designed with two-story gun turrets, an updated version of what the Kearsarge Class had, only these were rectangular and were 8-inch over 12-inch guns.  The secondary armament consisted of eight 8-inch guns, four over the 12-inch gun turrets, and four located in twin turrets on the forward port and starboard beam.  Additionally there were 12 6-inch guns located in the casements amidships, and twelve 3-inch guns mounted in casements along the sides for close-range defense against torpedoes.  The easiest way to identify these ships is the stacked rectangular gun mounts forward and aft, three funnels, and the straight line main deck all on one level.  Virginia, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, and Rhode Island made the entire cruise, Nebraska jointed the battleship fleet in San Francisco.





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