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There are many reasons you might want to get in touch with me regarding this site.  I am always interested in sharing information regarding the Great White Fleet and would be interested in invite anyone who would just like to share their latest discovery.  Regarding buying, selling and trading I practice the following:

  • BUYING -  I am always looking for new items to add to my collection and appreciate any leads.  I am willing to pay a fare value for items that add to my collection.  Please contact me using the form on this page and I will try to get back to you shortly with an offer.  Include photographs please.
  • SELLING - I don't.  Items of my collection are not for sale.  If you are a collector you understand.  I did not start collecting to make money.
  • TRADING - Yes!  If you have something that can add to my collection, I will try to find something that I have in duplicate that adds to your collection.

William Stewart
Telephone: +1 206 915 4181

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