Captain John Hubbard, USS Minnesota

Born in South Berwick, Maine in 1849, he entered the Naval Academy in July 1866.  He graduated in 1870 after leading the Academy's rowing team to victory as stroke oar.  He served on the sloop-of-was USS Brooklyn on the European Station from 1871 to 1874, being promoted to ensign in July 1871 and to master in 1873.  After a tour at the United States Cost Survey he served special duty on the USS Supply from 1877 to 1879, during which he was promoted to Lieutenant.  His next assignment to the Asiatic Station for duty on the sloop-of-war USS Swatara from 1879 to 1883.  In 1889-1892 he was assigned to the protected cruiser USS Chicago in the Squadron of Evolution.  He next sea assignment was to the  training ship USS Essex.  With the start of the Spanish-American War he is assigned to the auxiliary cruiser USS Yankee.  The Yankee was commissioned in April 1898 and participated in the blockade of Cuba, the Battle of Guantanamo Bay, and actions of Casilda nd Cienfuegos.  At the end of the war he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  He next served as an Ordnance Officer at New York Navy Yard in Brooklyn till 1900, being transferred to the USS Amphitrite serving as a gunnery training ship.  In April 1901 he was promoted to Commander and in 1903 took command of the USS Nashville.  In 1905 he was promoted to Captain, with his next command the battleship Minnesota which continued through the cruise into 1909.  He was promoted to Rear Admiral in October 1909 and served as Commander 3rd Division, Atlantic Fleet.  He became Commander-in-Chief of the United States Asiatic Fleet 1910.  He attained the mandatory age of retirement in May 1911 and died in May 1932.




This card is from a series that was made to give out for free with delivery of the newspaper.  Most of the cards I have collected were from the Lincoln Daily Star, this one showing Captain John Hubbard and Rear Admiral Charles Thomas with the Flagship USS Minnesota.  The photograph is copyrighted by Enrique Muller.




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