Captain Hamilton Hutchins, USS Kearsarge

Hamilton Eugene Hutchins was born December 12, 1854 in Concord, New Hampshire and accepted an appointment to the Naval Academy in June 1870, graduating in 1874.  In 1875 he became an ensign and served on the Colorado, Worcester, and Hartford on the North Atlantic Station from 1874 to 76.  He was next sent to European Station for two years on the Trenton and then to the Constellation for two years.  His next assignment was on the Passaic, then to the Norfolk Navy Yard.  Following he was sent to Pacific Station serving on the Hartford for 3-years.  In 1885 he went to the New York Navy Yard, and then to the Torpedo Station until 1889.  Promoted to Lieutenant, he was assigned to the USS Boston as part of the Squadron of Evolution.  From October of 1890 to 1892 he was assistant to the Inspector of Electric Lights, going afterward to the training ship Portsmouth from 1892-94.    In 1895, as a Lieutenant, he was assigned to the USS Cincinnati, then in 1897, the USS Montgomery.  Somewhere between 1898 he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, then to Commander, getting assigned to the USS Annapolis (PG-10).  In 1905 he was assigned to the Philippines Squadron on the USS Rainbow.  He was promoted to Captain on October 13, 1907 and soon after took command of the USS Kearsarge and remained in command until late in the cruise.

From the New York Times, February 23, 1909, "The Navy Department is still without information as to the reason for detaching of Captain Hamilton Hutchins from command of the battleship Kearsarge by Admiral Sperry the night before the battleship fleet left Gibraltar.  Captain Hutchins came home by liner and arrived in Washington two days ago.  He has not yet reported to the Navy Department further than to announce his arrival in the city.  At his home it is said that is is ill, and he declines to see anyone.

He died on August 29, 1924 in Newburgh, New York.



autographed letter captain hutchins

This is another request letter from C. Gallup, this time requesting the a autograph from Captain Hutchins, who at the time of the request, had been relieved of command of the USS Kearsarge and sent back to Washington by commercial steam ship.  The request was made on March 3rd, 1909 with the understanding that he was no longer in command of the Kearsarge asking him to sign with "Washington D.C." below his name.  Captain Hutchins signed with "Captain U.S. Navy" below his name. 


This card belowo is from a series that was made to give out for free with delivery of the newspaper.  Most of the cards I have collected were from the Lincoln Daily Star, this one showing Captain Hamilton Hutchins with the USS Kearsarge.  The photograph is copyrighted by Enrique Muller.




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