Captain Hugo Osterhaus, USS Connecticut – Flagship

Hugo Osterhaus was born in Missouri in 1851 and was appointed to the Naval Academy in September of 1865.  He became an ensign in July 1871; a lieutenant in March 1880; and was on the Plymouth during her voyage to Europe from 1871 to 1873.  During the next four years he was on the North Atlantic Station, going from there in 1879 to the Norfolk Navy Yard, for two years, and in 1889 went to the European Station in the Enterprise, remaining there a year.  From August, 1890, until the fall of 1892 he was in the South Atlantic Station, on the cruiser Atlanta.  Upon his return, in September,1892, he was assigned to the Naval Academy.  Captain Osterhaus reached the rank of captain, February 19, 1906, and took command of the Connecticut April 4, 1907. At the completion of the cruise he was promoted to Rear Admiral December 4, 1909 and placed in retirement in June 1913.   In April of 1917 he was recalled to active duty and took command of Second Division, Atlantic Fleet.  Afterwards he was in command of the Mare Island Navy Yard and the 12th Naval District.  He received the Navy cross for services in the Office of Naval Districts during World War I.  He died in June of 1927.

During WWII the destroyer USS Osterhaus (DE-164) was named in his honor.




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