Charles S. Taylor, Chief Carpenter, Cards from the West Coast and Pacific

This portion of the collection includes cards from the West Coast through the Fleet's visit to Japan.  Charles was good at providing a steady stream of card back home to his wife and daughter.

A visit to california

a quick visit to the great northwest

a trip to the botanical gardens in rockhampton, queensland, australia

the philippine islands

visiting japan

The two cards shown below are the free cards given out by the Government of Japan to each sailor.  Charles mailed these and someone at home removed the stamps for their collection.

The two cards below were handmade by school children and given as gifts to the visiting sailors.  "This card painted by the little girls and boys in school in Yokohama, Japan.  Father received three today mail you with the name of each under the card.  From Father to his little Daughter Evelyn."

"you see this mountain when you enter the harbor at yokohama, japan

These cards show the craft and artistry of Japan.  The two cards of the woman were given out free as a "welcome" and they are from the Onoya Silk Store in Yokohama.  They show women in traditional crafts, making dolls and playing music.  The card in the center shows an ink drawing of Mt. Fuji.  Below these are cards showing women doing flower arrangements, ikebana, a traditional farmworker with his tools, and two women at a hibachi preparing tea. The last card shows women sitting in a park around bench tables and a pavilion that serves tea and food.

"all the streets are decorated" - views from yokohama

views of tokyo


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