William G. Child, Midshipman, USS Georgia

This is  a rare collection of photographs taken by William G. Child, a Midshipman that participated in the entire cruise while attached to the USS Georgia.  His photographs are unique because as a Midshipman he is in a learning and discovery process and it shows in the pictures he takes.  He also took great care in labeling the backs of the photos to identify why he took the photo.  The photograph below is a fine example.  The navigation bar at left divides the photographs of Midshipman Child into different portions of the trip.

From this brief description: "McDowell, Child & Davies spotting party with plane table, during calibration practice at Subig Bay, P.I." we can gather a wealth of information.  In referencing "With the American Fleet from the Atlantic to the Pacific" Robert Jones, we know the crew of the Georgia and the photo refers to Ensign C. S. McDowell, Midshipman W. G. Child, and Lieutenant R. C. Davis in that order, Midshipman Child in the center in a working uniform.  The table shown is used to measure the accuracy of the gun fire.  Spotters during these exercises provided scores based on the proximity to the target.  They were very competitive and critical evaluations of the training of the gun crews and this team perched high on a ridge had a good angle to the splash of the projectile relative to the target.  This photograph was taken during the second visit to the Philippines while the Second Squadron was visiting Amoy, China.


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