William G. Burgess, BM2, USS Kearsarge – West Coast and the Pacific

He is consistent with the cards he sends his nephew with a mix of humor and scenes from the ports he visits.  Many of his cards are not posted, in which case I generally do not show the back unless it is a commemorative card of the American Fleet visit.



The Hotel St. Francis in San Francisco was a popular hotel during the fleet's visit.  Many of the sailors stayed as a guest and several of the grand balls and dinners where held here.  Located in Union Square, it was in the heart of the city with the square having a monument to Admiral Dewey commemorating his victory in the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish American War.  Admiral Dewey was present for the review of the fleet as they entered the Golden Gate.


auckland, new zealand

sydney - melbourne - albany

amoy, china


yokohama, japan


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