The Photographs of M. R. Battey

M. R. Battey was an ordinary seaman onboard the USS Missouri.  He was not a photographer.  However he did acquire a collection of real photo postcards during the cruise that is quite unique.  They are assembled as the work of a single artist or artists who photographed throughout the cruise making them available, normally 2 for 5-cents.  The photographer is unknown, but we do know something about them.  The best clues lie in the subject of the photographs.  What makes this collection special is not only the ports they visited, but the quality of the photographs.  Many being the mark of a true professional with vision.  This collection includes cards from Malta, Algeria, and a single postcard from Turkey.  The only ships visiting Malta, and Algeria were the Wisconsin and Kearsarge.  Turkey was visited by the Missouri and this card is not part of the photo collection.  The highlights of the collection include cards from Manila, Columbo, Malta, Greece, Algeria, and Gibraltar where the photographer with great intent photographed the people and activities of their daily life.


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